Kip Windleton (koitweeg) wrote in ihatefreddurst,
Kip Windleton

Where's all my haters?

I've noticed that people never post here. So I've composed a list of reasons why. Please tell me which ones apply to you.

1) I feel sorry for Fred Durst and therefore can't hate him any more.

2) I forgot about Fred because he doesn't get publicity any more.

3) The Undeniable Truth Part 1 kicked ass.

4) I have a life and I'm not wasting it hating Fred Durst even though he does suck.

5) I would rather focus on what I like than what I hate.

6) By endorsing the new nine inch nails album, Fred is forgiven for the music he wrote that makes fun of nine inch nails.

7) I've found Jesus and realize that love is the solution to all the world's problems.

8) I hate him so much I love him.

9) Every time you hate Fred Durst, God kills a kitten.

10) I've grown to love him because of his debut as a porn star.

11) I recently started loosing my hair and I can't make fun of him for it any more.

12) I'm too busy hating George Bush to hate Fred Durst.

13) I thought Limp Bizkit was breaking up.

14) Fred wants you to hate him and by hating him, you're doing him a favor!

15) Who the fuck is Fred Durst?

16) I don't want to be associated with idiotic slipknot fans who come to this community and have nothing more intelligent to say than "FRED DRUST IS A FAGGIT!!!!1111!!!! SILPKNOT 4 EVA!"
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