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Fred Durst: President of PSI (Postponing Sexual Involvement)

Limp Bizkits entire new album is available for previewing on MTV dot com. For some reason, I listened to the whole thing last night. And no, I have no idea why I subjected myself to it. Fred Durst reveals his immense sexual tension in the song "Eat You Alive" with the lyrics "I'd love to sniff on them panties." But then track 8 is like a bad visit back to Island Baptist Youth Group with lines such as "I don't wanna screw on the fist date. 'Cause that's a no-go." He further exudes his moral integrity with "My will is stronger than most, I will not let you get close until I think that you deserve me."

Yes. Fred Durst is the perfect role model for the American youth. He would never use groupies for sex... This contradictory bastard really gets on my nerves. How can such a god damn man-whore try to sing about abstinence?
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