Kip Windleton (koitweeg) wrote in ihatefreddurst,
Kip Windleton

Fun with pubic hair

It's old news really, but the way it's written is kinda funny:

Fred Durst appeared on the Howard Stern Show to share an extremely graphic kiss-and-tell, including descriptions of Spears' pubic hair. The mental image of the balding, goateed Limp Bizkit singer getting it on with America's jailbait sweetheart was, with the possible exception of those death photos of Uday and Qusay Hussein, easily the year's most disturbing.

Read more here.
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she deserved every bit of humiliation she got from it to. that was the goal of it. to humiliate her. and i hope it taints her image as pop queen and afects her record sales. she smokes now and she's a whore also.
1. Fred is not a sellout. Selling out involves being good and then changing. He always sucked.
2. Brittany is a whore, but... ah fuck. You're right. Fuck her. But not because she broke his heart. Just for being a whore in general and flooding the airwaves with more shit.
3. Good for Wes. Leave them high and dry. With as many connections as Fred has it shouldn't have taken this long to replace him.
4. Popularity determines what sells. It does not determine artistic integrity or talent.
5. If Fred doesn't want people feeling sorry for him, then he should stop making such a big deal out of how "hated" he is.
6. I don't care if he does free concerts. I don't care if he shares that one opinion on file sharing with me. I'm not going to like a band because of their position on something like that if I don't like their music. I also think the whole thing is just a publicity stunt though.
7. I don't have time for this. You know what? I don't even care any more. I really really don't care. If you can't take a joke about their personal lord and savior, Fred Durst, then I'll just shut up about the bastard. I don't have time to leave hundreds of messages a day. Winning an argument on the internet won't make me feel better. I'm not posting a-fucking-gain. If you post again, you win! Fred is the greatest human being of all time. I don't care. You can have your stupid fucking last words. I'm getting back to real fucking life now. You can post all god damn night for all I care. Have fun.
my objective was never to win the argument. my objective was to change your mind about fred. you could say i'm like fred a little. i dont like anyone hating him no more than he hates anyone hating him and i dont feel sorry for him. the whole point i was trying to make is fred has done nothing to piss anyone and is like every other music artist. he just wants to make good records for his fans. yet he has to face this battle everyday. fred says that it's impossible to please everyone but he feels that he has to. even the haters. my objective is never to start a war with the people who don't like fred. i'm just always going to make factual arguments with those people to prove that he has done nothing to make you hate him, but make music. maybe it's not great to yall, but it is to us... his fans, the people he has worked hard for. it not only affects him... it affects us. i mean you hate an avatar of fred calling him fatty when he is now borderline abs. If you want to bash him then fine.. go ahead. If it makes you feel better to bash other people then do it... it's your right. Just think of how good of a person you are when your bashing someone but in the end your just as worse as they are. i'll let you sleep on that.