Nari... (guitarist21300) wrote in ihatefreddurst,

I'm new around here

Hello people I decided I want to join this community because of my vent against this thing I call Fred Durst. I never liked him or his shitty ass band Limp Bizkit. To be honest I never liked him at all ever since their first album 3 dollar bill. My sixth sense told me there was something wrong with this band and this pathetic excuse of a singer and I could not point it out what it was but it came out that he's a total asshole.

This was beyond being an asshole. He dissed and insulted my friends because he complemented him about his album and basically said to my friends to fuck off. He harassed former Manhole/Rapper and My Ruin frontwoman Tairrie B and spread out false rumors about her being all psychotic toward him. I'm sure he said some mysoginist and sexist comments towards her. When she confronted him he pussied out because he did not want to fist fight her. Fred claims it was a publicity stunt. She should have knocked that midget down. Then there was this fraudulent guitar search where he gets people to play their tunes where he swipes their riffs clean. Another of my friend had tried out for it and I said to him you had been fucked by those assholes. Lastly, the Strait Up Album, he DOES NOT DESERVE TO BE ON THAT ALBUM. His song was one of the most unfeeling, unemotional piece of SHIT I have ever heard. It was an insult to put Fred Durst on that track. He hollers for his buddies limp bizkit this and limp bizkit that. It was never about Lynn...Just Fred's pea sized ego because he's a FUCKING IDIOT.

That's my two cents

Sorry to vent I had to get it all out
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