After Celebrity Promotions (ac_promote) wrote in ihatefreddurst,
After Celebrity Promotions

Join Today!

Hey there! I'm part of a team responsible for recruiting and promoting a wonderful role playing community called After Celebrity, which has been one of the most outstanding celebrity role playing (think "interactive fan fiction") communities on LiveJournal, going strong for over two years now with over 200 active members participating.

After Celebrity is always looking for talented and mature writers to join our ranks, and there are endless amounts of people you can portray! Please visit ac_maintainer for more information and guidelines on how to join and get started! There's also a list of wanted individuals if you need help selecting a character to play.

In particular to Fred Durst and Limp Bizkit, we are searching for mature and talented writers to fill in the following roles of Fred himself, as well as any other Limp Bizkit band members or people affiliated with them that you can think of!! If you're interested in filling in one of these positions, please contact, or visit ac_maintainer or!

Thank you for your time!

These journals and our right to portray real celebrities as fictional characters are secured by the proper display of our journal disclaimers as stated by LiveJournal's privacy policy. We mean the celebrities no harm...this is for entertainment gaming purposes only. Thanks!
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