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ihatefreddurst's Journal

I Hate Fred Durst
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Do you hate Fred Durst? Sure, we all do! That's why we've created this super-duper community! It slices, it dices, and most importantly, it's anti-Fred! It's the 22nd century wonder for the new millennium! Or something.

Let's get a few things straight...we're not stalking him, we don't intend to kill him (we do not condone murder), we do not encourage the harassment of Fred Durst (unlike our friends at Buddyhead, whom we dearly love), we're not jealous of his fame/money/whatever, and we're not some 14 year old testosterone-laden kids from Nebraska with nothing better to do with our time. In fact, we're quite the opposite.

So what's the purpose of this community? For people to vent about why they hate Fred Durst, of course! Along with any other celebrity that you can't stand. Please make sure that your criticism isn't just something like "Argh! I can't stand so-and-so! He's such a dork!" or "So-and-so sucks! She's such a skank!" Give us valid reasons :D

Also, flamewars are not encouraged, but are tolerated... barely. If they get out of hand, we will NOT hesitate to delete posts/comments. If you become too much of a problem as an individual, you WILL be banned.